Next Dessert Social-

Four Centuries of Fishing in NH: Yankee Character, Yankee Priorities

Tuesday, March 10: At the Kearsarge Community Presbyterian Church
at 7 p.m.; Program begins at 7:30 p.m.

Presented by Jack Noon, and sponsored by New Hampshire Humanities Council
Admission is FREE.

Fishing history in New Hampshire runs the gamut of nets, spears, guns, clubs, weirs, seines, fish pots, and hooks. Overfishing, inadequate, or unenforced fishing regulations and dams ended the once enormous spawning runs of salmon, shad, and other sea-run fish up from the ocean. The Yankee tinkering and tampering instinct, coupled with confidence in new technologies and the rise of sport fishing brought many new fish species to NH after the Civil War, often with unforeseen results. Short-term economic self-interest and environmental/economic compromises seem to have taken priority over long term natural resource health, resulting in a tailspin of environmental degradation. Jack Noon’s presentation illustrates these complex changes.

This program will hold special importance for all interested in the environment, wildlife and fish habitats as well as all anglers in New Hampshire.

While the historical village on Little Sunapee Road is quiet in the winter months, the Board, Volunteers and Staff are working on a 2015 calendar of programs, as well as new and traditional events.

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