Founded in 1954, the New London Historical Society is a non-profit volunteer organization committed to preserving and presenting the early history of the New London, New Hampshire area.

The society’s collection includes a small village of 19th century buildings, over two dozen horse-drawn vehicles, and thousands of other artifacts reflecting everyday life in rural New Hampshire.

Members and friends provide financial support for vehicle conservation, building restoration, maintenance, and education programs.

Our year-round activities include dessert & lecture socials, school visits, a holiday open house in early December, and other special events and exhibits. All are open to the public.

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  1. For those of us who would consider pulling ourselves away from the computer screen long enough to slip back into the real world to attend a movie every once in a while, I’m thinking about seeing The Monuments Men which is now at one of the Concord theaters:

    Here’s the website for the new film: http://www.monumentsmenmovie.com/site/

    I’m drawing this info to the attention of the NL Historical Society because one of heroes from that outfit was the late Lamont Moore who lived here in NL some years ago with his wife Henrietta.

    Here’s Lamont’s bio:


    I’m sure that some of us old-timers have lucid memories of the man who was pretty modest about his role in WW II when he was called upon to go behind the enemy lines to rescue some of the works of art which had been stolen by the Nazis. Those of us who knew Lamont found it difficult for a man of his size and gentle demeanor to have been engaged in such a dangerous mission. He was a remarkable person.

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